SUMLife: The Youth Experience at SUMC

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Jesus in My Life * Jesus in My Family Life * Jesus in My Community Life *

That’s what SUMLife is all about!

We’re an over-programmed society, so we don’t want to throw just another piece of programming at you.

SUMLife is about applying the transformational power of a relationship with Jesus to our students, their families, and their communities.

Through Sunday Worship, Sunday School, Midweek Gatherings, Quarterly Retreats & More we’re striving to make strong believers, and excellent citizens.

In a Nutshell

SUMLife’s main components fall into:

11am Sunday School:

During their 11am Sunday School in our second floor youth room, students will be diving into teachings that apply to their real lives while creating a safe-space to exercise Jesus-centered, Biblical Worldview.

At the same time, the parents/guardians of the students are invited to gather together in our dining room to go over what the students are learning, ask questions, and enhance their ability to have faith conversations at home.


You’ll notice our Tuesday Midweeks mention “Jesus + Adulting” quite frequently. That’s because each week, we challenge students in different life-skills and tie it into Biblical teaching. For example, training in…

  • First Aide

  • Self Defense

  • Gardening

… and more are scheduled for fall 2019!

During this 6:30 Tuesday evening time-slot, space is made available for parents/guardians to gather, talk, or make use of the free WiFi.


Contact SUMLife Leaders, Monica Swank and Dusty Wallace by clicking the buttons below.