Monthly Mission Focus

Each month, there is a Monthly Mission Focus for our church that is focused locally or globally and offerings/donations may be made to help support these missions. Missions include, but are not limited to, local seminarians, shelters, Methodist Children’s Homes and many more.
 On the second Sunday of each month, there is a ‘Mission Moment’ at the beginning of each service, providing background on that month’s mission focus. Offerings may be made at the time of tithes and offerings by simply writing ‘M’ on the offering envelope.

Faith Mission

Once each quarter on the 3rd Monday of the month, SUMC prepares supper and serves approximately 250 adults at Faith Mission in Columbus. The day before, 6-8 adults prepare the meal in our church kitchen, using donations of food from our congregation. On Monday afternoon the main courses are heated, salad is prepared, and donated fruit, bread, cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches, desserts, beverages and paper goods are loaded onto the church bus for the trip to Columbus. People sign up to go and serve - usually between 15-20 adults and youth. We serve approximately 50 women and 200 men. Everyone is invited to sign up to participate – to get acquainted with others in our church family through this very humbling and rewarding experience. The entire congregation supports this ministry through prayers, cash donations, food donations and help.

Community Open Table

One Friday a month (usually the first Friday), a free, hot, nutritious dinner is served for anyone in the community who is struggling with poverty. Donations of food are supplied by the congregation, and many volunteers work to make this ministry happen.

Work Missions - Youth & Adult

One of the core values of SUMC is to serve others - locally and globally. Mission opportunities are available for those who want to serve by improving the lives of others.
Adults who can give a day or two, either in the community or within a three hour drive, can participate to repair homes or church buildings, build decks or handicap ramps, paint, repair roofs or help with lawn work. These usually take place between fall and spring.
Another opportunity is for our youth who have completed grade 6 or older and chaperoning adults to travel for a week in July to an area that has been damaged by floods, hurricanes or tornadoes, often areas of extreme poverty, usually in the south. Between 30 and 40 participants make a commitment through their time and a commitment fee to go to a depressed area, work and worship within a church community, and by helping the less fortunate, elderly and handicapped improve their homes and churches. The group becomes a team, strengthening bonds with each other and spreading their Christian love in the community through their work and friendships made with those they are helping. Many of our youth look forward to these experiences and go for many years even when they have graduated. 

International Missions

International mission trips are scheduled as people are interested in leading them. In the past, trips have been made to  to Haiti and Honduras.

Big Walnut Friends Who Share

Sunbury United Methodist Church supports this local mission by collecting food donations year round as well as providing specific items such as school supplies or items for Christmas care packages as requested.

Family Promise

Family Promise is a ministry we support in Delaware County to help homeless families get back on their feet.