Pastor Mike showing-off one of his favorite hobbies.

Pastor Mike showing-off one of his favorite hobbies.

From Pastor Mike:

“I was raised on a family farm near Bulter, Ohio. I have three sisters, two older than me and one younger. I attended a vocational school while still in high school, training for a career in welding. Upon graduation I was employed in the steel fabrication business for about 3 1/2 years.

In 1978, I returned to the family farm where I was employed until 1999.

In 1976 I was married. My wife Laura and I have two biological sons, and two adopted daughters. Our sons are now married and we have 7 grandchildren. Our daughters now live in Columbus and Cleveland.

I and my family were very active in North Liberty United Methodist Church prior to entering pastoral ministry. I served on most committees, taught junior-high and adult Sunday school classes, lead the UMYF., and discipled several young adults.

In 1986, I began to attend Mt. Vernon Nazarene College. In 1991, I began to attend Methesco and also serve as a part-time student local pastor at Green Springs Calvary UMC.

In, 2001 I completed a DMin program at Ashland Theological Seminary. Upon graduation from seminary (Methesco) in 1994, I was ordained deacon and became a part-time local pastor in the Pavonia /Olivesburg Parish.

In 1997, I was ordained elder, we also sold our farms, my parents retired, and I moved to full-time ministry in the Pavonia/Olivesburg parish.

In 1999, our parish was realigned to facilitate a merger between Pavonia and Franklin UMCs, and I was appointed pastor. And in 2000, Pavonia and Franklin merged and I was appointed as pastor of Faith UMC. From 2000 to 2009 we have been worked on a building program, and began construction for our relocation in the spring of 2008. In the fall of 2010 we relocated into our current facility.

In June 2013, I was appointed to Sunbury United Methodist Church.”

Pastor Mike Mack

Senior Pastor

Year of Appointment to SUMC: 2013

A native of Butler, Oh. Pastor Mike Mack has been serving in vocational ministry since 1991, and has been active in the church nearly all of his life.

He’s a husband, father, and grandfather with a knack for the outdoors. Mike is the steady presence in the pulpit connecting to our congregation with his natural demeanor and the occasional, fun stories of growing up on a family farm.

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