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SUMBoutique: Free Homecoming Prep

  • Sunbury United Methodist Church (map)

Free Homecoming Prep on the day of Big Walnut’s Homecoming!

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services include:

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If you're interested in Hair service, please note it is for styling (curling, straightening, updo, etc.) only. There will be no dying or haircutting on site.
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At SUMBoutique, the services are first-come-first-served. Your registration helps us make sure we have the people and skilled pros we need to serve the crowd! By clicking below, you understand that you are not signing-up for a specific appointment slot, but rather for the services themselves.
  • Professional Hair Service

  • Professional Makeup Service

  • Nail Bar

  • Shoe Shines

  • Professional Portraits

  • … more to be announced!


  • Appetizers & Refreshments

  • Coffee Bar

  • FIFA on XBOX

  • Romantic Comedies on TV

  • Photo Booth

  • … more to be announced!